Our Shows

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We have a host of different kinds of events to suit every taste, budget, and language ability. Listings for all of our shows are on our official Facebook page.

Professional showcase shows

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We aim to bring the standard of a top London or New York comedy club to our intimate venues in Fukuoka. In partnership with RGB Monster, a comedy production company that produces shows at some of the major comedy festivals in the world such the Edinburgh Fringe Festial and the Melbourne Comedy Festival, we have connections to professional circuit comedians and even top TV and and Netflix names.

One Coin Comedy

open mic comedyFor just one coin (¥500) you can join in our regular open mic night, where anybody, irrespective of their experience is allowed to perform their original material for up to three minutes. No sign up required – just turn up and give it a go! If you’d rather leave the joke telling to others, then our open mic nights are a great way to meet new people, and get a behind-the-curtain look at how more experienced comics hone their material. Want to take to the mic? Click here to read out tips for those starting out!

Japanese stand-up shows

While Japan doesn’t traditionally have stand-up comedy (Japan’s traditional comedic performances styles are rakugo storytelling and manzai double act skits), there is a small but thriving network of both Japanese and non-Japanese performers performing in Japanese. We try and create the same fun, interactive and spontaneous atmosphere of our English language stand up shows at our Japanese language shows. Japanese audiences often comment that the atmosphere is nothing like what they would expect at a Japanese comedy night, and non-native Japanese speakers are often surprised about how much they understand!


1 (8)Hundreds of people have tried stand-up comedy for the first time on one of our stages. While a handful have gone on to perform comedy professionally, the majority have found stand-up to be a fulfulling creative outlet, and a way to improve their confidence and public speaking. We reguarly hold workshops and writing sessions for budding new talent to help equip you with the skills to thrive. While stand-up comedy can’t be taught—you really do just have to stand on stage and try it for yourself to know what’s funny—we provide a friendly network of amateurs and professionals who will help you improve your writing, hone your stagecraft, and advise on where stand-up comedy can take you next!

Get in touch if you’d like to join our next workshop!